Acer to relaunches into Gaming Market with Predator Line of PC Products

3 years ago by in Gadgets, Tech

Acer’s getting ready to release several Predator brand products, including a laptop, desktop, monitor, and even a tablet.

According to Digitimes, Acer put together a task force to develop related products and also support professional gamers. Presumably the idea is to build brand exposure for its Predator line, which apparently will also include motherboards. This will be an ongoing thing for Acer, with product updates every two to three months.

Predator tablet that appears to have traded thinness for a mean aesthetic. It has haptic feedback that will shake in your hands while playing games, 8-inch display, four front-facing speakers located in the corners, and a similar black and red color scheme as the computers. Again, the actual specifications of the device remains unknown, but Acer is expected to reveal more before all of the new Predator items ship in the second half of this year.


Laptops will come in both 15-inch and 17-inch form factors, you can see some gaming features, such as a red border around the WASD and arrow keys. Also visible are USB 3.0 ports, gold plated audio jacks, what could be dedicated macro keys , and sizable vents that comprise what Acer calls a “massive” cooling system.

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