AirDroid x The Best Desktop Manager for Android

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Google doesn’t have a dedicated PC or Mac client for Android devices, but you can still manage your smartphone or tablet from a desktop with AirDroid

With AirDroid, you can send text messages from your computer, manage your contacts, apps and media, and paste links or clipboard items to your phone from your PC. It runs off a web browser, which makes it completely platform agnostic

Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux/Chrome OS
Price: Free ($1.99/month for Premium)


  • Send and receive text messages
  • Manage all files on the device
  • View, download and upload photos
  • Play, import and export music or videos
  • Manage ringtones and notification sounds
  • Manage contacts, dial from web interface (Premium)
  • Export app APKs, install apps from APKs
  • Upload files, paste links, paste text directly to clipboard
  • Find lost phone, remotely wipe or lock phone, take photo of intruder (Premium)
  • Connect and switch between up to six devices (Premium)
  • Take screenshots (rooted phones only

AirDroid lets you perform most of your common phone tasks through a PC. It’s easy to set up and get running, and you can use it on multiple computers. AirDroid works best when both the PC and the phone are on the same network, but you can also connect through USB. Most of the features do exactly what they say. Reading and replying to text messages works well too.The app also works without a wireless network, just in case you’re using it outside home and don’t trust the network you’re on. However, that has a data limit of 100MB per month, or 1GB with a premium plan.

 It has its shortcomings though, like requiring either a USB or shared network connection or not being able to play videos directly off the phone, which is an annoyance with every Android desktop manager we tried. Also, AirDroid needs an active internet connection and won’t work if your mobile data and Wi-Fi network are both switched off.A simple backup and restore option is missing forcing you to  manually export all your data .so you’re better off using Titanium Backup for rooted phones, or the new Helium if you aren’t rooted.AirDroid does not have a Find My Phone feature in case you lose your device, which means you’ll need Android Device Manager for that.

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