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T.I is back with another album for you his humble subjects but after last time outing it’s understandable if the masses are not jumping for joy for anotherhelping from the self-proclaimed king of the south.

With that in mind I say this without a shadow of a doubt this is a pivotal album in Tip’s career mess
up here and the masses will be shouting the king is dead in the streets, cafes,barbershops etc. and it will be hard for even the hardest T.I fans to dispute that, so no pressure.  Without further
ado I give you Trouble man: Heavy is the head a review by this lowly scribe.

First up is Introduction which samples Marvin Gaye. On the track Tip goes in from boasting about the closest thing to Tupac to the good life his living despite all his run in’s with the law.   Basically he simply makes his case for why we should see him as rap’s ultimate trouble man. Lyrically they is nothing too complex and his flow does justice to the beat, as a starter it’s pretty good and only serves to heighten our expectations for the rest of the album. The next two tracks, G Season ft. meek mill and Trap Back Jumpin, are nothing new,they quickly grow old because they are typical of modern rap and simply followthe mastered and perfected technique of the MMG crew. This probably explains why of the MMG crew is on one of the two tracks.Wildside ft. Asap Rocky is a laid back ode to the hood life and the grind involved in surviving on the mean streets of the concrete jungle. Ball ft. Lil Wayne is another party anthem that will have a lot of joints jumping but once again we are faced with a song that grows old quick, Lil Wayne gives us another forgettable verse that makes me say maybe retirement for him isn’t the worst thing.

Now I understand rap is a competitive industry but they are some artists you don’t want featuring on your track because they will kill you and Andre 3000 is one of those who will kill you on your own shit and on Sorry he kills Tip once again showing that you might want to think twice about having him feature on
your track. Now Tip isn’t bad on the track it’s just that 3K is an ATL ien with that flow.With the aid of R. Kelly, T.I gives us Can You Learn in which his asking his lady if she would stand by him through all his issues. I would like to say Tiny has shown that she definitely Tip’s ride or die, the type of lady who every man wants but few are blessed with.  Next is Go Get It a celebration of the good life, enough said more importantly there is nothing more to say.Guns and Roses ft. Pink and is a surprisingly good song, the track simply talks about a relationship that was doomed from the onset.  This song will be a guilty pleasure for morethan a few men but the ladies will definitely enjoy this one. The Way We Ride is another track that you feel you’ve heard before and is sure to grow old real quick which is a shame because the beat is really dope. Crusin’ is Tip’s attempt at singing, what do I think? Huh *shrugs shoulders.

Addresses is Tip showing his badges and calling out those many, many fake gangsters.  Hello ft. Cee Lo Green is an ok track that’s all about addressing the haters.  Who Want Some is next in line followed by Wonderful Life ft. Akon. The track is taken from the point of his deceased homie, his pops, as well as his own perspective and is one of the most brutally honest tracks I’ve heard in a
while. Definitely a standout track, which shows Tip at his introspective best and a Tip I wish we saw more off. Hallelujah closes off the album and once again Tip opens up on his demons and his fears and is a great way to sign off the album.

Overall it’s a solid album with a couple of standout tracks and a couple of disposable tracks that although hot don’t have any staying power. So those calls that the king is dead were premature and we can expect the king to be around for a whilelonger.



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