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Dr Boyce Watkins: The 5 things I hate about being a black entrepreneur

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Let’s be clear: The creation and development of black-owned businesses is the single most important issue in the African American community today. Holding marches, voting for the right politician and sharing a lunch counter with white people isn’t going to give us true power in a capitalist society. We’re only going to be able to get ahead by creating our own businesses and owning things, which will then create our jobs. Controlling wealth and resources will also translate into additional political power, which will then open the door to solving some of the most pressing matters that we are faced with today.

Rejection Is The Way To Success


It’s every guy’s worst fear when it comes to dating: rejection from a woman. In fact, the fear of getting rejected is probably the most crippling fear that a man faces in his dating life.

But is there a way that you can avoid getting rejected by a woman? You might have heard, or even seen many men who seem to have a knack for attracting women while others are left ordering pizza on Friday night and playing cards with their buddies.

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