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South Park: The 25 most kickass episodes ever

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South Park is about to begin its 18th season in the UK, and despite nearly two decades of episodes, it doesn’t show any sign of getting ‘lame’, as Cartman might say.Unlike other rival shows, Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s cartoon has got better with age, and continues to push boundaries and stay relevant.To celebrate its return, we have chosen our personal favourite 25 from its first 247 episodes.

Watch: Dogs 101 x Official Gameplay Trailer

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As we get closer to the release of one of the most highly anticipated next gen console games the makers have blessed us with a preview of what we can expect from Watch Dogs. Initially this game was being touted as the flagship and standard bearer for games on the next gen consoles but since the behemoth and crazy wonderful Titanfall dropped Watch Dogs has found it self all of the sudden playing second fiddle, so the question is now can Playstation’s Watch Dogs match or outdo XBox’s Titanfall ……only time will tell. Let the GAME OF CONSOLES continue.

Celebrating at Coachella in Pictures

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Over the years Coachella has gained much more exposure in the urban world and at this year’s first week festival it drew a stellar crowd. Bringing together the biggest names in every genre of music the festival housed over 100,000 attendees in California. The main headliner of hip-hop was OutKast’s reunion which rocked the stage.

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