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Watch: MWC 2016 x Sony Range


Sony has added to its Xperia range of smartphones with the Xperia X, X Performance, and XA. They’ve got the same great looking design we’ve seen on previous Xperia devices, but with the two high-end models offering an updated 23-megapixel with predictive autofocus. Sony also announced a new smart Bluetooth earpiece and a trio of concepts smart devices.

5 Reasons to Install a Custom Android ROM and Why You Might Not Want To

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Android is open source, so developers can take its code, add features, and build their own operating system images for Android phones and tablets. Many Android geeks install such custom ROMs — but why?

“ROM” stands for “read-only memory.” A custom ROM replaces your device’s Android operating system — normally stored in read-only memory — with a new version of the Android operating system. Custom ROMs are different from acquiring root access.

LG G4 Review


LG’s flagship phone the G4 boasts an impressive display, removable battery and longer charge. But its best feature? One of the best cameras Android has ever brought to the market.

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