Japan notes increase in Skyline, NSX prices due to overseas interest

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Yahoo Japan Business, claims that the prices of R32 Skyline GT-Rs have jumped from ¥1.90 million in November of 2015 to to ¥2.07 million today (the equivalent $16,900 to $18,400 USD, an increase of $1,500).

The Honda NSX has also seen a healthy rise in value. Since November Japanese prices have grown from ¥4.33 to ¥4.85 million (the equivalent of $38,600 to $43,200 USD, an increase of $4,600)

Acura Edmunds

The R34 Skyline GT-R was the model that had alarm bells going off with the nearly 1 million yen jump. Back in November, it was the average price was ¥5.01 million. Now it’s ¥5.92 million (the equivalent of $44,600 to $52,700 USD, an increase of $8,100).


This is due to Canada having a 15 year import rule meaning Canadians have 10 years to buy and import the best Japanese cars before Americans,who have a 25 year import rule.

The article also cites that in the early 1990s saw a boom in domestic demand in japan for sports cars by young car enthusiasts who grew up in the golden age that could afford top-dollar vehicles which  flooded the market, leaving many prime examples to be picked today.

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