PS4 System Software 4.00 Will Feature Folders, UI Refresh, More

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Sony’s latest software update to the PlayStation 4 is now coming to beta users. Unlike the last major update, which added support for remote streaming to Macs and PCs, the 4.00 firmware beta (codenamed Shingen) is mostly focused on tweaking the PS4’s user interface.

Sony says the update also adds some new system backgrounds and redesigned icons, along with other tweaks to what you’ll see in various menus. There’s also an offline mode that will let you see your game trophies even when you’re not connected to the internet. The final update will have features that aren’t in the beta, and we don’t know when it will come to all PlayStation 4 users, although

Sony says it will release more information in the coming weeks. So far, though, the new changes seem meant to make the console’s interface more customizable and less obtrusive — like we’d expect from a phone or computer operating system

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