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Thank Me later : How to Handle Women 5

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thank me later

Never be a sucker for your emotions. One aspect that a lot of cats get caught up in is that little warm feeling they get from interacting with a woman. That’s nice, but NEVER sacrifice your manhood for ANYTHING, especially a woman. There’s just too many guys out there that get henpecked into a weak role… They pay the majority of the bills and on top of that, they cook and clean for their woman. The only thing she does is exist. These are weak cats who let feminism and a host of other nonsense influence their mindset to the point that they are willing to do any and everything to ‘keep a woman around.’ Screw that… your self-respect is WAY more important.This leads to us talking about ‘checking’ a woman. Never ‘check’ a woman just to fabricate some arguments in an attempt to ‘get her turned on’ or to introduce drama in order to keep her interested. The purpose of checking a woman is to ensure she understands that you are in control and are to be respected at all times, as well as increasing her understanding on how she needs to get down for you as a woman should. There’s a big difference between ‘controlling a woman’ and being in control. When you are controlling a woman, you are trying to determine her every action and remove her self autonomy. We’re not here to ‘control’ women. We’re here to be in control. When you are ‘in control’, you are trying to maintain a certain atmosphere around you as well as ensuring certain protocols of respect and decent behavior are abided by, but you are not out here trying to treat a woman like your little robot.Before you start checking a woman, you have to have a well-developed perspective of behaviors that are and are not acceptable. If she does something you don’t like and she didn’t know, calmly explain it to her why she shouldn’t engage in that behavior. If a woman is around you, you should actually feel pleasant. You should enjoy her company. You should not be stressed out or feeling disrespected when you are around a woman. Thus, if she starts getting fly with the mouthpiece or out of line, you ‘check her’ and let her know that behavior won’t fly. Now, if she gets out of line once, it’s fine to check her, but if she is constantly challenging your authority, it’s time for her to go. Your checking is a sort of warning shot for her if she is ‘testing you’… as well as an instructional tool for those behaviors that she didn’t know offended you.

Sometimes you hear about women ‘throwing little tests’, but honestly, screw those tests… don’t worry about trying to detect them or whether or not you passed them. What you should always worry about is staying real and coming from a man’s perspective in any situation and always making sure your woman is giving you the propr respect. If you start worrying about what tests a woman might throw and how you can pass them, you are letting HER take control of your mind. You will constantly start thinking, “Man, she said something last night. I hope I said the right thing in order or her to perceive I am a man.” In other words, you are catering your behavior to what she wants you to do. If you are a man, then you know it and you have no need to ‘show’ a woman or to force her to understand. If she can’t understand you are a man and not to be played with, time for her to go. If a woman is testing me in some way and I ‘fail’ the test in her mind and she leaves, that’s something I really won’t trip over. I’m glad to see her go. This isn’t high school, and she isn’t my teacher, so I ain’t nobody to be ‘tested’.

Now if you want me to clarify about everything I’ve been telling you, it’s to say, if a woman isn’t bringing decent behavior to the table then she’s not bringing a doggone thing… so get her from around you. You can’t expect anyone to change if you never bring a person’s off-kilter behavior to their recognition and if you never punish them for it. Your attention iand time is quality, so why toss your pearls to swine as Jesus says? You may ‘miss out’ on a few women by having this philosophy, but as I said before, you really aren’t missing out on a doggone thing, because who in the world wants to be in the company of a disrespectful, unpleasant woman who makes your day WORSE when she enters into your midst? In other words, never accept any attention just to have it. If it’s not quality, it shouldn’t be able to enter into your gates.

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