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Album Review x Franck Ocean : Channel Orange


Frank Ocean’s debut album is finally here, so let’s get to
The first track on the album  “Thinkin bout you”is laid
back joint bout Frank’s former love with a very slow beat reminiscent of them
slow jams from back in the day. Lyrically it’s a fine show by Mr Ocean as he
carries the listener back to his first love experience and breaking the norm
it’s actually dedicated to his first male love.
The album follows with up with “fertilizer” which is a 39s
interlude before “Sierra Leone” which doesn’t sound like
anything out right now and you have to pay attention if you
want to figure out what it’s about. The beat maintains the general sound
through out the album.  “Sweet Life” is a celebration of the good life, in which his asking why would anyone
try to switch up if they got everything going for them even if it is not
luxurious, the beat transitions into something more up

 “Not Just Money” interlude precedes  the Earl
Sweatshirt assisted “Super Rich Kids”  joint which not everyone will
vibe to but if you give it a chance it will grow on you. The track is basically
a commentary on how everything isn’t what it seems with the rich, even though
it seems they have everything many are appearances and only touch the surface
e.g friendships, and the recklessness that comes with the money. The next track
is “Pilot Jones” which is a return to the slow beat formula and it’s a pretty
good track and easy to vibe to. “Crack Rock” is a track about what it exactly
sounds like.

“Pyramids” is a great track but a little too long. “Lost” is a
catchy number that will have you snapping unconsciously to its jazzy beat. The “white interlude” seems perfectly placed with its John Mayer guitar play. “Monks”
is more upbeat especially with its emphasis on drums making it sound like a
live band recording. “Bad religion “slows the album once more but not in a bad
way, the track itself is very well done. “Pink matter” is another slow jam and
Andre 3000`s assist blends seamlessly into the track. “Forrest Gump” is a
slightly more upbeat than the previous two tracks but is still a good track.
End closes off the album perfectly.

Overall the album
works, everything he tries comes together and nothing seems out of place from
the interludes to the track selection. This is definitely an album you need to
have in your collection

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