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Is Chief Keef`s Rap Career Over?

By now many of you probably heard about the death of Jojo, a rival teen rapper from Chicago who had been beefing for a long time with Keef and his crew.  I was glued to Twitter reactions less than an hour after it happened and I knew it was going to turn into something big over the next day or so.  Lil Reese, who’s affiliated with Keef and was featured on the original version of “I Don’t Like,” was spotted in a video getting dissed by Jojo and a couple others while they rolled past in a car.  The reaction we all noticed was Reese saying “I’m gon kill you.”  Its probably not a coincidence either that after Jojo tweeted his location, he was shot supposedly around that area.
The final ‘wtf’ came when Reese and Keef basically laughed/shrugged it off on Twitter like it was no big deal.  Since then, dude basically signed off on his own career thanks to the following events that have transpired since:
  • Huge backlash and threats from folks that were close to Jojo
  • Interscope considering dropping Keef from the label, pending police investigation
  • Lil Reese (and affiliate Lil Durk) rumored to be dropped from Def Jam after signing a deal back in July.  Def Jam removed both from their website
  • Pitchfork removed a video from early July that featured Keef being interviewed and freestyling at a gun range in New York
  • Some blogs beginning to rescind and delete posts related to Keef’s music
In the big scope of things, not many are feeling sad at the hole that’s been dug.  Keef (as well as Young Chop, who produced “I Don’t Like”) was ungrateful to Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music for hopping on his track.  This week, he got into a war of words with Lupe Fiasco on Twitter and put him into prayer mode, making Lupe contemplate retirement (again).  There’s only so much you can stomach from somebody that brags about being rich just because they suddenly got a few stacks richer, and yet doesn’t want to thank the people responsible.
The rap industry remains hypocritical though.  Just as Kanye did for Keef, Lil Wayne recently did for Lil Mouse on Dedication 4, where the 13 year old’s Get Smoked was remixed.  The cycle just keeps continuing.  However there’s been a ton of positive reflecting that’s happened as a result of all of this.  Maybe change will yet come.
… Nah, that’s wishful thinking.  It makes too much money for greedy execs.

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