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Where is childish gambino?


“I look at my life like something you should be able to paint,” Childish Gambino said in a 2015 interview on the TODAY Show. Given his eccentric tendencies as both an artist and a celebrity, he is more likely referring to the sort of highly abstract work of a Rothko then the pre-ordained compositions of your little cousin’s color-by-numbers book.

Gambino has been exceptionally quiet on the music front since he released STN MTN/Kauai, which he called “the first concept mixtape ever,” at the tail end of 2014. Click through the galleries to see exactly what he’s been up up to since then.

Mixtape Review X Childish Gambino : Royalty

Yes another Childish Gambino release and once the artist also known as Danny Glover kills it. The album kicks off with an introduction by Blake Griffin – a little flexing of that star power by Childish Gambino and not the last on the album.
The mixtape overall is a good body of work and a solid release which easily pass off as an album and not the freebie it is. Childish still sounds like a guy with a chip on his shoulder which is understandable considering that rap doesn`t usually embrace individuals who have found success in other arenas such as acting who try to start spitting bars. This feeling is most apparent in tracks like we ain`t them , come to think of it it`s present in all the tracks, along with everything else that rappers are known for showing off and the broads too as well as the ‘new’ thing of honesty aka emo rap. Even though lyrically it is not anything new the way he puts it together makes sure you do not feel that way when listening to the music. In terms of the features they add on to the overall feel of the tracks, none sound out of place even actress Tina Fey just adds on to the real estate track without making it sound awkward, and some like Steve G Lover on One Up track actually outshine Childish Gambino. As for the beats most of them are Childish’s own with a couple aided by Ludwig and the rest provided by Boi-1da, Skywklr and Beck. The beats themselves are pretty decent but not great which one of the reasons the project still feels like a mix tape. In terms of standout tracks check out Shoulda Known.

Track List :

  1. R O Y A L T Y
  2. We Ain’t Them
  3. One Up (ft. Steve G. Lover)
  4. Black Faces (ft. Nipsey Hussle)
  5. Unnecessary (ft. Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul)
  6. Shoulda Known
  7. R.I.P. (ft. Bun B)
  8. American Royalty (ft. RZA and Hypnotic Brass Orchestra)
  9. It May Be Glamour Life (ft. Ghostface Killah)
  10. Toxic (ft. Danny Brown)
  11. Silk Pillow (ft. Beck)
  12. They Don’t Like Me (ft. Chance the Rapper)
  13. Arrangement (ft. Gonage)
  14. Won’t Stop (ft. Danielle Haim of HAIM)
  15. Bronchitis
  16. Wonderful (ft. Josh Osho)
  17. Make It Go Right (ft. Kilo Kish)
  18. Real Estate (ft. Alley Boy, Swank, and Tina Fey)

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