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Women are problems if you let them be. It comes down to careful decision making and who you let around you. If the only screen you have to let a woman into your castle “your life” is that she looks pretty, you are inviting all kinds of problems into your life. Looks are what ‘swag’ is to females. We get on women all the time for getting taken advantage of by dudes who only bring ‘swag’ to the table, but a lot of men get taken because the only criteria they have is that she looks pretty. Also, the respect you get is the respect you demand. If you let women slick talk you and put you on the back burner, that’s exactly the position you will be in when dealing with them. It’s better to be alone than to be in the presence of disrespectful females.


I think the average woman acts the way they do because simps have built them up mentally to where they think their actions have no repercussions. They feel they can talk to one guy, take his best, go to another guy and get the best from him, get bored with him and go back to the other guy. Women act this way because men make themselves expendable by constantly accepting that behavior and giving in to them. She’ll come back a week later and he’ll smile and be like, “Hey ma, where u been? I missed you.’It’s like if you were a dude and you had 10 women rushing to sleep with you and take you out to dinner, unless you were highly principled, you’d take one out one day, go out with the other another day while putting the first one on hold, then go out with another one and then come back to the first one whenever you felt… if one of them busted bad, you wouldn’t care because you feel like you have a lot of other women to take her place. That’s the abundance mentality. when you get things easily and you have an abundance of it, it’s rarely appreciated. Males flood women with attention and accept their bad behavior, so these women act accordingly and treat them like something that is common.

So I can respect when a man cuts a woman off when she pulls these magic disappearing acts. more times than not when a woman disappeared out of nowhere for a week or more, she’s dealing with another guy. Here, we’re not fallback guys to be hit up when a woman is bored and isn’t getting attention from some other guy.

The MAIN problem in this day and age is guys think they are some kind of players by rushing to dive into and doing anything for a whiff of some sex. They are vagina vultures hovering overhead, accepting all kinds of nasty and bad behavior from women just as long as it gives them a chance at sex. Men should make their time way more exclusive and demand RESPECT as opposed to that mindset where they rush in and accept any kind of behavior hoping for a morsel of her time. Only way as a man to get respect from these women is to stand on it. You can’t be prompt, then I’m moving on.

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