Thank Me Later: How to Handle Women 2

5 years ago by in Editorial Features

There are two keys to most women, especially in this day and age. They love attention and they are easily bored. Let’s also couple that with the knowledge that women find it hard to keep themselves entertained, so entertainment is another avenue that women are largely dependent on men for. Then let’s add the internet into the equation, which opens up the world for a woman to be able to interact with men worldwide. You pretty much have opened pandora’s box and a woman has virtually unlimited sources to satiate her egotistical cravings for attention and her deep pleas for entertainment.

The aforementioned reasons are why it is very difficult, bordering on impossible to procure loyalty from a woman. What I want you guys to understand is that the need for most women to satisfy their appetite for attention and to procure a cure for their boredom is much greater than any notions to honor duty or to remain loyal. Women find those elements even greater than ‘securing a future’. Only until she has hit rock bottom does she start to value security as greater than her need to be entertain and paid attention to, and once she has that ‘locked in’ in her mind, then she goes right back to seeking attention and entertainment.

This is why you so often see that married women or women with stable boyfriends are the most easy to manipulate. This is why men who women call ‘jerks’ or constantly complain about usually get more loyalty than the nice, stable guys who provide. They satisfy the woman’s higher need for entertainment.

Given what we know about women, this is why you should be hard pressed to expect any real loyalty from her, unless she perhaps has a deeply ingrained religious/moral obligation towards loyalty. Once a woman becomes accustomed to you, you become ‘boring’ to her, thus failing to provide for one of her critical needs. Once she is able to figure you out, you are old news and she will either do one of two things… keep you around as a resource provider while she has her entertainment man on the side or just flat out leave you for another man.

This is why you absolutely must, as a man, have a much bigger objective than procuring women and you must only give a woman exclusivity if she can bring something to the table much greater than her vagina or attention. Those two things she can, and most often WILL, give away to the next man that can do a few tricks and keep her mind entertained. If you are to keep a woman around, she must be willing to actively work to help you procure your goals and objectives.

Otherwise, what is she really bringing to the table? That vagina who she can and in this day and age probably sharing with others for free? Her problems? What is she bringing? This is why you do NOT get in a relationship with a woman just because she is pretty or has nice sex. She needs to in some form or fashion aid you in procuring your goals… so that when she peels off, you can look back and see that at least it was not a one-sided transaction.

 NEVER get hyped because a female offers you a little attention or sex because she can give that away to another man at lightspeed. That’s what being ‘cool’ is about. Showing a calm indifference to what would make other men flip out.

Never believe what a woman says. Her actions will speak way louder than words. Women are master manipulators and if you listen to them, they can make you believe doggone near anything.

Being picky is a GREAT thing, especially in this day and age. What do you get from knocking down women you don’t particularly care for and certainly wouldn’t want to be with for the long term? At most, you might get some daps from some homeboys for smashing a lot of hoes, but your homeboys can’t take the STDs for you and they certainly won’t pay the child support for you if you get some woman pregnant. In this day and age, we’ve been brainwashed through a lot of different sources, especially media, that we constantly need to be having sex with a lot of different women, but they conveniently leave out the repercussions.


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