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thank me later

Never cheer lead a woman and never follow up behind her. Guys that cheer lead women end up looking crazy in the end. What I’m talking about is guys that sit around with their woman all over their facebook, talking about how much they love their baby, how amazing she is, if he’s on the forum, he got her picture as his avatar and is always talking how special she is. These guys get busted on EVERY time. What’s so sad about it is that the woman doesn’t see it fit only to make him look stupid by cheating on this guy, but she will ACTIVELY clown the guy or smirk when she sees he is in pain. What you Guys need to know are that women are like kittens attached to a snake. They are sweet, beautiful creatures when they first meet you and they like you, but as soon as they lose their feeling for you, they turn into a snake and are liable to do any and everything to you. You could have sacrificed the world for her and not done an iota of wrong to her, but as soon as she loses her feelings for you, she will have actually laugh at your misery and clown on you.

This is why you don’t put women on camera or ‘upgrade’ their ego in any way. As soon as she feels she is better than you, she’s out the door. If you were some overweight guy and you had a pretty woman who was there for you through thick and thin and stood by you when you lost the weight, you’d really appreciate it and you’d likely be very loyal to her. On the other hand, if you are with a big girl and she loses the weight and she starts getting attention, you are yesterday’s news.

This is why I keep telling guys not to put too much attention on women. They are sweet as sugar when they like you, but once that emotion is gone, they morph into snakes and will be cold as ice… and life has enough problems on your own. You don’t want to be constantly worrying about what your woman is doing on top of worrying about all of life’s other issues.

I love looking at fine women and conversing with a woman with a solid convo and all, but screw that… it’s much better having your money right and just being able to put yourself in a position where you aren’t worried if you lose your job because you have substantial savings and you don’t have any kind of debt… just having that ability to up and take a trip when you want to… being worry free and not having to consider what “your woman” is doing on that trip she is taking with her home girls or having arguments about her going to the club. If you find that super rare woman with some kind of moral quality, get at her, but otherwise man, put these women in the bag and get your life extra right and just glide.


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