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When dealing with women, always keep them in a proper context in your life. Never give up your autonomy, respect, religion or manhood to deal with these women. Friendship is something that you always have to maintain over women. Your potnas will be there with you much longer than the vast majority of women will be, so keep your integrity online.

You need to sit down with your potnas and have a discussion as gentleman should about general behaviors that need to be adhered to. Some of the bigger rules to follow is never become buddy buddy with your homeboy’s woman. She might try to talk bad about your homeboy to you… at most you should listen, and wish her the best and tell her that her and your homeboy need to work it out and that you hope they do. Never knock off your homeboy’s woman or put yourself in situations to. There are countless women out there for you to betray your true friends… way more women out there than true friends, and what can you do with a traitorous woman? Do you think she won’t betray you like your friend?

Never allow yourself to become a henpecked dude. If a woman can scream, yell and manipulate you and see that she gets her way, she will escalate. You have to let her know up front that that’s not the way problems are going to be handled when you deal with her. Women will end up pushing the line as far as you let them.

A fat booty and a smile doesn’t mean much beyond being something nice to look at. When it comes to wifing a woman, you need one with solid morals and that isn’t afraid to grind for you. You see millionaires like TI or LL Cool J and you look at their wives. You know they could get women that look much better, but then again do you see them with all of those problems that men who wife up these video vixens have?

Finally, be a man and lead. And your leadership isn’t contingent on ‘what the ladies like.’ It is contingent on being a stand-up man, maintaining your Godliness, and just traveling the direction in life you need to. The woman for you is the one that understands that and wants to aid you in that endeavor.

Quick gospel from Pastor Patrice O Neal

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