Thank Me Later: How To Handle Women

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The one thing most men have come to realize in this day and age is that loyalty is at a deficit and that many women will simply jump on the current ‘hot’ man of the hour. You could be ‘doing everything right’, but this new fella just caught her eye and she just has to see what he’s about.

Knowing that true loyalty is hard to come by, a man must always keep his wits about him and he must come to this stark realization… you do not control her vagina and never will. When you come to accept this, a heavy burden will be lifted off of you. This will enable you to stop making choices which you think will preserve the ‘exclusivity’ of her vagina, which is really an illusion in your mind. If a woman really wants to spread her legs for another man, then she will. Getting rid of the thought that your actions will ‘earn’ the exclusivity of her vagina is key here. Her keeping her legs closed is up to HER moral standards and not really some magic sequence of events that you need to undertake.

Understanding this is very important in curtailing simp/sucker behavior. One thing a lot of simps say is,”Well if I don’t do it, another man will.” Nah, that’s corny. What makes her so important that you need to keep her around by any means necessary? And the sad thing is, negroes that think like that will end up getting left anyways because they gave up their self-respect and women don’t want to hang around men of low respect.

Now, knowing what we just spoke on, we must create an operating philosophy/gameplan in order to deal with this. How do you deal with a woman when you know loyalty isn’t guaranteed?

1) keep your emotions under control

This is of utmost importance. You must emotionally condition yourself to not react crazily if you find out she was disloyal. You simply must cut her off. A lot of men ended up in jail due to putting hands or worse to a disloyal woman. Was she really worth you losing your life or freedom over? Someone who can’t show you an ounce of loyalty? Nah. She’ll get hers eventually when she’s lonely because she can’t demonstrate loyalty. Boot her and keep your mentality focused on positivity… such as making room for the next female who will hopefully demonstrate more loyalty.

2) Always have several things you like to do ahead of women. Never make women your top priority.

Men who make a woman their top priority end up devastated when she leaves… and in this day and age, you never know if she will stay or leave and for what reason. When you tether yourself to a female to such an extent that you can’t function without her, you’re going to be in serious trouble. You’ve become a desperate, and thus, a weak man. This is why it is very important to develop several interests that don’t have to do with dating/dealing with women. If she leaves, you won’t have such a void in your life as to where you can’t function.

This is why you should spend more time chilling with your homies, doing things with your family, developing your relationship with Jesus, drawing, poker or whatever else you do. Having a repertoire of interests will keep you from being thirsty and desperate and will also have the added benefit of making you a much more interesting person because you will actually have something to talk about.

3) Mentally condition yourself to be prepared if she cheats or leaves

It’s important to never get too attached in the first place, but when you deal with a woman, especially over longer periods of time, emotions will start to root and develop. This is a natural part of relationships. however, you must curb your emotions from becoming an addiction or an obsession. You must also visualize in your mind yourself acting calmly if she was to ever leave or cheat and what activities you would replace her with if she were to do so. This is important so that you can avoid making irrational decisions if that moment ever did come. Instead of exploding with anger and threatening to hurt her, you simply respond to yourself, “Ok, cool. That just leaves the door open for me to see what that other mami that was checking for me is about.” Obviously, it isn’t THAT simple when emotions get involved, but it definitely helps to mentally condition yourself to act coolly were disloyalty to ever come up.

4) Never build your world around a woman

You often hear RnB crooners sing about building their life around women. This is one of the most dangerous and selfish things you can do. Not only does it put an undue amount of pressure on her since you apparently made her responsible for your mental health, but you are also burning your cloak of leadership that comes with being a man.

The first question you need to ask yourself is what in the world makes any woman so important that you need to build around her? Also, knowing the temporal nature of dealing with these women, why in the world you even consider doing such a thing? The truth is that as a man and as a leader, she needs to build around YOU. YOU should be the foundation, not her.

What you DO need to focus on building on is your character, a stable financial situation, your relationship with God, and just an overall highly stable and yet fun state of being. A woman should be a PART of your life and never your life.

5) Work on and build up yourself.

The so called “king of the women” concept is real. There’s a certain bar, that once passed, will allow you to have access to a ton of females. When your looks, financial situation, style, conversation, etc., is to a certain level, you will simply have a ton of females that want to deal with you… so instead of being a sucker and trying to cater yourself and build yourself around what some particular female tells you she wants, which you end up finding she doesn’t, or building yourself around what you imagine ‘the ladies want’, get out there, and work on yourself. Explore your OWN interests and develop yourself as a person in all aspects. You will go from being a thirsty dude who chases females around to a man who females willingly present themselves to be caught by you.

Now, I don’t recommend the player lifestyle or keeping a harem. I recommend having one loyal woman… But now, the problem a lot of you men have is that once you catch you a cool little woman, you start falling off. Once you catch her, you get lazy, let yourself blow up, and just turn into the opposite of what attracted your woman in the firstplace. Even when you’ve got a woman, you should always maintain your flyness as well as handling your business. This puts pressure on her and gives her way more incentive to be loyal because she is actually still turned on when she looks at you and she will know that if she screws up, she knows that several other women are waiting in the background for their opportunity at you.

Now, something crazy to know is that the more your women likes you, the more other women like you. It’s a snowball effect, so once you pass this bar and get a few women talking, your reputation will start to spread and you’ll have a lot of choice. This is why staying on top of your p’s and q’s is something you must do consistently. It will allow you to deal with higher quality women, and the woman you DO choose to be with will have a lot more pressure to act right because she knows a lot of other women are chattering about you and are eager to take her place. Realize this… the one thing women really want is not diamonds, minks or some other material possession. It is to be the main lady of a fly dude.

6) She’s not to be taken seriously until proven otherwise

A woman must show that she is to be taken serious and show that she is worthy of the emotional investment. This will involve you rigorously analyzing her personality traits and morals. Is she respectful? Is she classy? Does she believe in God? She just has to come across as a classy woman before you promote her. A lot of problems are simply eliminated by choosing the right woman as opposed to allowing the next pretty thing that gives you attention into your life.

Never be surprised at what a woman can pull. This is why you keep them lower on the tier of your ‘interest level’. When you are not all that emotionally affected by what women are doing and never allow her vagina to control you, you have several interests and things that just interest you, then you will be much better able to make rational decisions when choosing a woman and having the fortitude to dismiss her if she starts engaging in completely unacceptable behavior.

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