11 Twitter Apps you should Try

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Twitter apps help to correct some of those flaws twitter has, giving you more control over the Twitter ecosystem. From scheduling tweets to viewing which one of those people unfollowed you, these apps will turn you into a tweeting machine.


Didn’t find the app you wanted here? Check out Twitdom, an “app store” just for Twitter apps. Search by category or just browse through over two thousand apps in this directory.



Discover new tweets, find new users to follow or track your own tweet’s success with FavStar.fm. It searches your tweets to show your most favorited or retweeted tweets.



For Mac users who don’t forgive easily, ByeByeBirdie alerts you whenever you lose a follower, so you can be sure to return the favor.

Image: ByeByeBirdie



Great for businesses that want to analyze when is the best time to tweet and how far their tweets are reaching, ManageFlitter provides analytics based on your Twitter activity. Try the Free, Pro ($12/month), or Business ($49/month) versions.



There are a lot of Twitter clients out there, but for Twitter power users, it’s hard to top TweetDeck, the browser based app. Keep your tweets perfectly organized and stay on top of what you and your friends are doing at all times with columns you can customize to your needs



SnapBird is essentially Google for your tweets. It combs through your tweets (or someone else’s) for search words, so you’ll be able to find EXACTLY what Lady Gaga said when she replied to your tweet 8 months ago.



MyFirstTweet has created a giant database of Twitter users’s very first tweets. Scroll through for what the website calls “an anthropological dig through Twitter” or search your own username for your first 140 character message to Twitterdom.



InTweets makes it easy for you to create and follow channels of tweets based on your interests.



Hootsuite is a browser based social media dashboard designed for businesses who want to control multiple social media networks at once. Try the freebie version or get a pro account for $8.99/month.


Destroy Twitter

Destroy Twitter was designed to run in the background, allowing you to tweet and get back to work quickly. This Adobe AIR app offers a range of customization and filters, as well as nice notifications and a beautiful interface.



Never miss a profile update or picture change with this app. BioisChanged searches for changes in the profiles or photos of your Twitter friends and updates you instantly, daily or weekly. This is perfect for following your favorite band and getting info on concert or album release dates straight from the source



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