Action film posters strike back in Jon Burgerman’s new series

4 years ago by in Art & Design, Photography

Jon Burgerman has explored this idea of how often we are exposed to pretty violent imagery as we go about our day-to-day lives? Not in a tubthumpingly moralistic “won’t-someone-think-of-the-children” type way; rather it’s a simple observation about our visual environment in a nicely leftfield way with his new series Head Shots. It follows on from a project he undertook on the Korean subway last summer when he used simple sketches to transform his fellow passengers into something surreal and silly.

Now Jon has responded to the plethora of high action visuals that poster our subways and created images whereby “simple or easy actions can alter our surroundings and make people aware of, question, investigate and re-connect with our environment.” So although they have a sly sense of humour about them, there’s a bit more going on than initially meets the eye. via







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