Can’t be the “King” of all Kings

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Since Lebron wants to say he’s gonna end up on the NBA’s Mount Rushmore when it’s all said and done. I had to go back and change a post I had already started about him not being able to finish as one of the greatest of the greats. By that I mean he can’t be “Top 5″. Bron has done some amazing things in his career there is no doubt about that. Next to my uncle Skip Bayless I was Lebron’s biggest critic that was until he became a 4 time MVP, 2 time World Champion, and 2 time Finals MVP. Not many can say they have done all three multiple times let alone one of those multiple times. But “I” personally feel that if you are the face of NBA or NFL (Usually Quaterbacks) then you should lead by example.

One reason why I can’t say Lebron will finish as one of the great greats is simply because he won’t do the dunk contest. Now I know most of y’all are sick of hearing every year that Lebron needs to do the dunk contest but he won’t because no other big named players will do it either. But remember in 09 during All-Star Weekend what y’all’s “king” said on national television???  If you don’t remember watch the you tube clip below.

[youtube j9vmVc1UeZA]

Now ever since the 2010 dunk contest the name value of the overall contestants has dropped significantly. One of the winners was a guy named Jeremy Evans……… (Who) Exactly nobody knows who that clown is but he won the dunk contest. I saw people on Facebook and twitter saying that Lebron doesn’t want to be in the dunk contest now because it’s a gimmick and they keep adding all these extra rules instead of just having an “Old fashioned Dunk Off”. Even tho I liked the freestyle and team concept thing they did this year it wasn’t complete the NBA did a poor job of finishing their/our (the fans) vision of a perfect dunk contest. Hopefully they either complete this vision or just scrap it and go back to the original format next year. But let’s get back to the topic of discussion here, Lebron is the face of the NBA and has been for the past 5-6 seasons. So with that being said I want y’all to think of any top 20 dunking or shooting wing  player who hasn’t participated in at least 1 All Star Weekend event on Saturday besides Lebron, I’ll wait….

[youtube 6BpejYY0VFI]

The best shooters have all done the three point contest at least one time in their careers. The best PG’s since they’ve added the skills contest to the weekend festivities have all done that event at least once. Every single great dunker who has ever played in the NBA has participated in the Dunk contest. That is up until Lebron entered the league in 03. He’s had 11 healthy great seasons to do the dunk contest 1 time that’s all we ask for is 1 time. He considers himself a people’s champ type of athlete but yet he refuses to give the fans the one thing we have all been waiting for since 03, is that too much to ask of the face of the NBA?

Now let’s get into the main reason why he can’t be on the NBA Mount Rushmore or top 5 in general. He’s changed teams during his prime. It’s as simple as that…like it or not he did something no other player I would put on the mount or in my top 5 ever did and that is leave “Your” team to go to another players team to win a ring. Now you’re probably thinking who is on my Mount Rushmore and in my top 5, well this is my list in order below.

1.Michael Jordan
2.Bill Russell
3.Magic Johnson
4.Larry Bird
5.Tim Duncan

Those first 4 on the list would be on my Mount Rushmore. How can you ignore the impact they have had on the NBA. Look at Bill Russell and his 11 championship rings. He is the greatest center to ever play the game. You look at Magic and Bird how they changed the game in the 80′s. They have the greatest player rivalry in sports history up till this date and let’s not forget how they sculpted the Lakers vs Celtics rivalry. Then there is of course Michael Jordan he set the bar for success and excellence in the NBA during the 90′s. He’s the only player in NBA history to be 6/6 in finals appearances with 6 finals MVP’s. Every player to come in the league since he retired (The 2nd time) is trying to reach Jordan’s level of greatness but so far none have been able to. Now who Am I to say that when it’s all set and done that Lebron won’t be so great that I have to put him on my Mount Rushmore. But at this very moment as of today “I” don’t have to put him on anything. This is just my opinion tho and I’m almost sure the majority won’t agree with me ,and believe it or not i’m OK with that.

[youtube uaHdl20vKI4]


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