Give him time to be great!

4 years ago by in Editorial Features, Lifestyle

The saying goes behind every great man is a woman but that’s some of the biggest bullshit ever spoken, the truth is behind every great man is no woman. It’s time to be honest, I know ladies you like the concept until we actually become honest and you can’t take it but in this instance FUCK YOUR FEELINGS! The truth is most first men become great then they find a good woman or a woman, in some cases they become great despite the lack of support from the woman they love and in the rare occasions they become great with the support of their woman. Ask most men and they will tell you that the no one reason for them failing is the woman they are with and unfortunately the grass is not greener on the other side. Right now I know the women reading this are getting mad but sit your emotional ass down and let me speak.

The math behind my logic is simple, when you are in relationship the woman you are with wants  you to give her your attention  and she wants you to support her financially and if you don’t do this she will find some who can i.e. she will cheat or dump you. Ladies you know I speak truth so don’t lie to yourself and say not me, its ok you want security and the world made us men to provide or at the very least made us feel that it’s our duty to provide the security. And that is the problem because we as men in a bid to keep you happy and faithful we do these things yet that is the point that we are supposed to trying to be great and that means dedicating our time and money to our chosen fields. The solution seems simple enough but unfortunately most men can’t say no to Pussy and most women leverage it to keep us at their call to fulfill their desires. So what I’m saying is ladies if you with a dude give him the time he needs to be great or the very least able to provide you the security you need, shit pick up a check on occasion, pay your own bills, just ease the burden and believe me he will appreciate you that much more plus in the end it benefits you.

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