Google Fiber chooses nine american cities for possible expansion

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Google Fiber is ready to expand, as Google has identified nine metro areas scattered around the america as possible sites of deployment, the company said.


Google is “hitting the road” to meet with these cities, and “conducting detailed studies of factors that affect construction plans in each place, like topography (e.g. hills, flood zones), housing density, and the condition of local infrastructure.”

Google Fiber delivers Internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. That’s 100 times faster than most current high-speed Internet networks.

You could download an entire music album in under six seconds and a feature-length movie in 38 seconds with Google Fiber.

Google, which first launched the service in 2012, has already done so in Kansas City, Kan.;Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah. Google connects fiber optic cables directly to a home or office in order to give them broadband Internet and television service.

In Kansas City and Provo, the ultra-fast Internet service costs $70 a month. Add video and it bumps up the price to $120. Google is also offering slower, free Internet for at least seven years for a construction fee, which ranges between $30 and $300.The company is unlikely to make Fiber something that’s available nationwide though.

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