Thank Me Later : A Message To Inspire The Stuggle Life

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thank me later

Via Lust Liberty

“For every Leonardo da Vinci, there’s a Paul Cezanne.  For every Mark ZukerBerg, there’s a Mark Cuban.  For every Mike Tyson, there’s a Dewey Bozella. For every Chief Keef, there’s a 2 Chainz.  Destiny isn’t up to us unfortunately. The decision to have faith, be a good pure person, find our passion, work hard, prepare for and seize the opportunities whether they are presented to us @16 or @52, however, is up to us”  – Me (lmao @ the shameless promo, but its true I just thought of that one day watching mad docs on youtube)

Real shit, I just be ignoring or agreeing with women and dudes nowadays cause I don’t even wanna have to deal with the trouble of explaining my view point in 140 characters (and really who cares what I think) or in real life they’re not going to apply it so I’m wasting my breath. I see something in the street, tv, or a tweet then I go off into my thoughts, because 90% of the time when I’m tweeting I’m either smoking or high.  Tweeting from ya profile screen is the best way to stay true to yourself.  I’m in tuned with the universe so there’s some shit I just can’t explain unless you’re in tuned as well.

I was having a dispute with one of my twitter boo’s about broke dudes with no dreams or aspirations to provide and protect, and it spilled slightly over to guys with dreams who may have not made it yet. She placed us in the same category of “UnF*ckwitable” & unbeknownst threw a shot @ me and a lot of my struggling brothers out here with dreams and goals, all while sparking a question in my mind all At The Same Damn Time. I cringed but didn’t wanna get into it, cause I know she didn’t really mean it like that, its just twitter.  “30yrs old talembout “I’m gonna Make it” N*gga when? GTFOH”.

Whats wrong with the 34 year old rapper working 2 menial job and still side hustling to try and make his dream work, trying to bag a beautiful woman with a PhD? He may not be rich materially, but mentally may be a billionaire.  You ever imagine working ya whole life for something and it may never come true?  Talk about earth shattering news.  Rappers spend thousands and thousands of dollars into their careers and it’s almost the same with any dream. If I’m a 30 Year old man, with a regular place, a child I’m taking care of (maybe 2), no car at times, still hustling to get by, living check to check, never was given a damn thing in life but always gave my last to whoever was in need because I’m a pure soul, with aspirations of being a Pharmacist and running a whole lifestyle brand, but alas still 3-10 years away from completely crossing out my bucket list, Does that make me a “Bum Ass Nigga”?

I haven’t by any means, or by any standards in the minds of these people today “Made it”.  In my mind, yes, I made it because I’m alive and still able to try and make it at the things I’m really passionate about, and proactively pursuing those goals.  No, I’m not thirty but I will be extremely close to it when I completely feel like I made it in the eyes of myself and others, and I just know the closer I get the more the stress is gonna build up.  If I mess up or don’t do my best to get there I could be past 30 (But Who Cares as long as I enjoyed the ride).  So I could only imagine how people close to me who are 35 & up still figuring out what they really wanna do, because of pressures of society. Which will tempt young & old inexperienced brothers who are also struggling to do dumb sh*t, in order to obtain that status (one reason for high African American prison population).

Not only do we have to worry about getting hunted down and targeted by police, oppressed by the system, and racist ass people, (shot in the back of the f*cking head while in handcuffs), we have to also worry about being looked at by society as a “Bum ass regular n*gga” when we do pay our bills (maybe not on time all the time) and we have goals and are making steps to attaining those.

TOO MUCH PRESSURE on young black men nowadays!  If we not shining early we’re bums.  We gotta have a Benz, a healthy bank account, rocking Jordan’s and or Louie, or we’re bums.  We gotta only date black chicks or we’re sell outs.  We have to be prodigies and wealthy or well off young or we never really made it.  When I was younger I used to blame society for those view points and it made me angry and sad.  Now with my maturity and wisdom I blame my heritage (The very little I know about it compared to it’s entirety, but that’s a whole other subject), and I kinda smirk because that’s a trait that I can be proud of.  It propels us to awesome levels if we don’t let the wrong side of it affect us.  F*ck keeping up with the Jones’, that’s not your family.

Love is momentarily blinding but Materialism is Disabling.  Not saying you shouldn’t want or aspire to procure nice things.  I’m saying pick ya poison, live for you and to maintain.  If you keep putting these temporary things in front of long-term meaningful things, you’ll always be f*cked up financially and in your mind. Ladies, F*ck a list, a male partner vision board, what ya lonely friends say, and most importantly F*CK Steve Harvey’s book yo.

Most young people are living from check to check giving they last to some bullsh*t and getting by.  Which is cool, but I’m telling you that it’s much easier to obtain those things, with someone you are in tuned with and wants to attain personal success as well.

Realize a powerful mind when you see one.  Recognize Don When You See Juan.  Decipher real Dudes from impostors. Judge him by his mind power because the money comes and goes and it has high cost to obtain it.  That house on the hill, family and Benz u want comes with a price, your soul. Think about it.  Deep right?  Is it right to sell ones soul for temporary material possessions? No, but two people can merge souls at the right time in life and live a dumb happy and meaningful life (ex. philanthropist’s Bill & Melinda Gates, Jay & Beyoncé, U pick). A person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament, that’s the definition of a soul mate.

-Ozzy Out @OzzyStardust

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