Thank Me Later : How to Handle Women 15

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Men in this society are brainwashed to worship sex. There is so much more to life than dealing with and pursuing women. In life, you win when you establish a proper ORDER for things. There needs to be a hierarchy. There is an order in life that if you pursue it correctly, you will be rewarded. The problem is that most men were taught by television, simps they are surrounded by, etc., that you need to pursue and obtain sex by any and every means necessary, thus making them slaves to sex, and ultimately, subservient to women. A woman is PART of your existence, not the whole of your existence, and when you establish proper order… when you are more focused on everything else in life, you will be in a much better POSITION to deal with women. “Chasing women” will, 9 times out of 10, put you on the losing side of the equation, since you are coming into the scene presenting yourself as someone who is of lower value and you are attempting to impress her and procure her by any means necessary. On the other hand, a guy like Trey Songz or some other famous musician, they don’t have to pursue the woman. They say come here, I want to talk to you, and the woman will go right over there without hesitation. She’ll rush over there in fact. What is the big difference? Position. If Trey loses his positioning, what came easy will not come nearly as easy anymore. This is not to say you need to chase status and money in order to procure women. It IS to say that when you solidify yourself as a man and stop chasing women, you will be in a position to deal with them on your terms… and your life will ultimately be about much more than chasing skirts.

If you listen to what ‘everybody’ says, you’ll end up wearing a skirt. Ignore what ‘society’ and ‘others’ say. Like we’ve been saying numerous times, if you got you a great girl who have her morals in place, hold on to her and don’t be out here playing around. You notice that a lot of the great girls get snatched up young, so if you found that loyal one, give her loyalty in return and keep it moving. You see what’s out here in the modern dating scene and you really don’t want that.

he biggest problem in this day and age is that people on both sides aren’t getting real information and they are ultimately dopamine addicts. People love that emotional rush and they confuse that with ‘being in love’, which is why they are always so quick to throw away what they have for something new. Something new almost always gives you an intense blast of pleasure, but you learn the new thing isn’t necessarily better than the old thing when you become familiar with the new thing. Instead of just enjoying the ride with someone who you just enjoy being around, people will throw that away because they want that circus show ‘love high’ feeling… which isn’t even love. it’s more like the ‘new feeling high.

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