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thank me later

I’m going to break you cats off another bar of this realism. When you go about choosing women, you have to pick amongst the ones that CHOOSE YOU FIRST. In other words, she’s shown definite interest in you without you having to do anything to impress her. For the most part, a woman likes you without you even speaking to her. Once you’ve past the bar of the ‘unspoken like,’ then you must make sure you only increase her desire and not decrease it.

The KEY knowledge you need to have in your mind when dealing with women is her behavior matters most. She must treat you like the man that is above her. If not, you will always be frustrated with her, chasing her around, etc. A woman that is truly about you WILL find the way to make time for you. She WILL respond to you promptly. She will be respectful to you because she doesn’t want to lose you.

Where a lot of guys lose is they want to choose the woman instead of having her choose him first. They go out and start to deal with some woman they like, but she doesn’t necessarily like him. In that scenario, she has the advantage. You like her more than she likes you, and then you start working to get in her graces and try to make her like you. Just based off of that small information, how can you be considered the boss when you’re the one doing the working? Like I said before, it requires emotional discipline. You will come across many women that you really like, but you have to learn to dismiss them if they don’t really like you… otherwise you will put yourself in a losing position where you are trying to impress the woman and get in her graces… and you will end up never impressing her because women want BOSSES, not BUTLERS. When you start working for a woman, to impress her or start doing her all of these favors, when you become a common butler to her. You will never get the respect of a boss by doing such. Control your likes and refuse to deal with women that you like more than they like you. It’s difficult, but once you get into a habit of doing it, it will save you a ton of trouble.

Let’s speak on principles. Principles are those guiding rules for your life. One of the most important area to develop principles is in the area of friendship. Before you seriously start dealing with women, you need to develop your principles in regard to your friends. Here are a few rules in regards to friendship.

1) Never dismiss your friends for a woman

When you start dealing with a woman seriously, you can get to the point where you start distancing yourself from your friends and allowing yourself to be only in the presence of your woman. This is a HUGE mistake. I’ve had friends for 15 years or more. Can I say that about a woman? Now, when you get married, you become more busy and you have your family life to take care of, but even then, never completely neglect your friends. Who will you leave on if your woman ups and leaves you?

2) Never allow women to get in the way of you and your true blue potnas.

This is very important. You should never allow women to start putting bugs in your mind to start double crossing your potnas. If you see your friend’s woman staring at you, don’t look too long at her and don’t allow her to cut herself into deep conversations with you. Basically, do not allow her to open doors to start interacting with you on a deeper level. Real friendships are valuable and rare and you do not want to lose them being a snake type of dude. I would say you are a sucker if you would give a million dollars for a shot of sex… but I would say you are a double sucker if you would give up a friend for some cut because real friendships are priceless. Know how to control your johnson.

3) Know how to pass a woman along

If you and your boy are out and both of you see a woman and you’re really feeling her, but you see the woman is feeling your potna more, stay real, keep your emotions in cheque, realize that there will be tons more women that you will really like, and pass that woman his way like a football. Shortstopping the woman and trying to block her from getting to your friend is lame behavior. Send her his way, but on another token, never become that woman’s little messenger. If she asks you about him, give your boy her number and let that be the end of that. Sometimes women will get real disrespectful if you are not careful and try to get you to go back and forth delivering messages to your boy. Don’t fall into that role and always make sure a woman respects you. For example if she walks up to you and doesn’t say hi or take the time to ask you about you but instead asks you, “How is your boy doing,” tell her, “I know you got better manners than that. I’m not your messenger. You got his number so give him a ring.”

4) Discuss these things with your potnas ahead of time

It’s critical for everyone to have a firm understanding of these rules just in order to keep problems to a minimum. Women can and have destroyed several long-lasting friendships and in the end, a man has lost both his great friend and his woman by allowing a woman to introduce fraudulent behavior into the mix. You better snip these things in the bud before it happens.

One other random gem…..

Keep your heart in your chest

As men, it’s a neverending conflict. We definitely have emotions but we’re creatures that have to know how to keep them in our chest. As a man, we always have to maintain our dignity, composure and strength even when our emotions try to push us in the contrary direction. This is what makes the price of real manhood so high and is why it is so very eagerly sought out by women. A real man knows how to keep his emotions and thoughts under control. There are several times when you are feeling a certain way and just want to express your deepest thoughts and feelings to a woman, but knowing that if you do so, it will put you in an inferior position so you learn to keep it to yourself. That is something that is very difficult to do, but really distinguishes you as a man… Knowing when to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself and knowing how to express them without coming off as weak. Remember, when you start showing weakness with a woman, that is when she will cast you asunder.


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