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The one thing to get out of your head is the need to ‘impress women’. How many men waste so much time and money trying to impress women and completely wreck their financial situation by doing so by buying super fancy clothes, cars they can’t really afford. Other guys end up spending on these lavish dinners. They’re doing all of this to sneak their way between a woman’s legs. All of that money saved could have put them in a situation where they are much more well off financially.

These guys are constantly investing their hard earned money into depreciating assets (clothes, cars, colognes, etc.) in order to impress a woman. Now, if you like those things for their own sake and you work that within your budget, coo, but to go out and get tattoos, and do all of these stunts to impress women is nonsense. To be honest, I was guilty of a lot of that, such as spending more on clothes and even colognes than I should have… but I can’t be too mad since I now collect colognes for their own sake. But let’s be real. I’m going to tell you younger cats something that you might not see right now. you will be MUCH better off learning to live a minimal, ‘below your mean’s lifestyle and stacking your money up than you would buying all of these gadgets and gizmoes in an attempt to impress someone else.

You want to be able to have enough money to where you don’t have to put up with a garbage job and deal with some out-of-line boss if you don’t want to. You can’t do that if you have massive car payments or you spent all your savings up buying some fly gear. You want to be in a position to where you can up and take a trip if you want to on a whim. Hard to do that if your savings are all gone because you’re tricking it off at some strip club. This is some of the most important advice I can give you. instead of trying to LOOK like you have it, actually put your self in a position to have it FOR REAL. It’s funny how all these cats were smirking, calling us misogynists and flying through the sky to save these broads when we’ve admitted something that is now coming from the horses’ mouths.

*Click* “What’s the SLUTTIEST thing you’ve ever done?” female forum *Click* remember when we said you better check up to see what your woman is doing? Not to believe them ho stories? To check her past? Apparently that is ‘misogynistic’, but these women are straight up saying how they get it in, how they are sleeping with their man’s boys. That’s just the reality of a lot of women these days… but when these women get in the presence of a man, they will put on that lil miss sweet story… in the presence of their fellow women, they’ll let it all come up. That’s why I’ve been investing less and less into caring or doing anything for a woman. Imagine trying to build a future and you found your sweetheart loved having guys pop on her face from several guys she met at random junctures… but now you got to pay her bills and listen to her complain and cuddle up with her at night.

We live in a promiscuous culture where women are encouraged to have random sex… and men are expected not to ‘slut shame’… and yet these women wonder why they are single and no one is wifing them up. hmm.. it couldn’t be that any sensible man wants to give a long term deal to get what a lot of other men already experienced for free could it? couldn’t be that no one wants to ‘wrap you up’ when you are out of your prime and ran through could it? That’s the point we’ve been driving at here. what do women bring other than sex, and in a lot of cases she comes used up by a whole lot of other men in the process… so why exactly is anyone putting up with the disrespect or worried about what these women think about you… Man this is the EXACT reason we tell young cats, if you find a solid, moraled woman, don’t be an idiot and cheat on her and do things to lose her. You see exactly what is out there ‘in the game’ for you.

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