Thank me Later : How to Handle Women 9

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This is something that will save you a ton of time. Trying to figure out women is like trying to figure out ‘abstract art’. You’re going to be making up all kinds of reasons trying to figure out the ‘deeper meaning’ behind the piece when the artist just threw paint everywhere on the canvas. In other words, you are not really figuring anything out. You are just deluding yourself and giving yourself a false sense of satisfaction by applying logic to the illogical. By default, women don’t think in terms of logic. They think in terms of emotion and ‘what they feel.’ You wonder why she did this? Because she felt like it. You wonder why she did that? Because she felt like it.

So sitting around and trying to spend all day to figure out why women do this and that is a fruitless endeavor. If anyone really knew why women did what they did and was able to write it down in a formula, they would be a billionaire. You can’t decipher the illogical with logic. Trying to find the pattern behind a sequence of random numbers is a waste of time and so is trying to find the logical rationale behind a woman’s actions when none really exists. In fact, most women feel first, act on it and THEN try to make up a little house of logic to justify their actions.

Now that we got that out the way… another question men need to stop asking is, “What do women like?” There is no set thing that women like because women are different and different women like different things. The real question to ask yourself is, how can I get around those women that like my style?


What’s so crazy about this world is this thing called social programming. It’s when society teaches you a set of rules and actions to follow and it becomes so ingrained in your psyche that it intertwines with your emotions as well, so you start thinking that doing this or that particular thing WILL reward you with what you seek. This is very true of women and how young men deal with them. You turn on television or play a videogame and you see men straight up getting abused by women, taking all of their trash talk and then rushing over to them like baby, no baby, please baby, understand baby… just corny behavior. Look at that video with that asian guy walking around on his knees. She did him a favor by slapping him in the face. As a man you need to have dignity. Crawling around, bawling and begging women are a no no… why do so many do it? Because their parents never taught them anything, most guys who knew hid away the knowledge because they wanted to maintain their advantage, and because you are programmed through the media to do the opposite… and what makes it even deeper is that the vast majority of your boys are brainwashed by the same system, so they do nothing but reaffirm your particular behaviors that DON’T WORK.

So you go out, you try to be this sweet guy that always gives in to women and does whatever, and you get abused. You do it again, you get abused. You talk to your boy and they say something like, “Dude, she just wasn’t the right one for you. There’s another gem out there.” You do the same thing again, you get abused. Some men wisen up and realize that that sucker role DOESN’T work. Others keep on doing the same thing, thinking this time things will be different.

What makes the behavior so ingrained is that it is taught on television and it works on television, so subconsciously you start thinking it works. These guys are begging women, constantly praising them, acting goofy and they end up with the woman. You try that in real life and women will not pay you an iota of attention or clown you. Cut that tv off and stop listening to so much RnB music because it is affirming to you the false mentality that by begging and whining, you will be better off with women… and it teaches you the false paradigm that women are any and everything to your existence. 11 out of 12 songs on rnb cds are in some way relating to and begging women… you ride around and listen to that all day, where do you think your mind will start to gravitate? What kind of thoughts do you think will form in your mind?

So the real deal is stop trying to ‘win over’ women. Get at them and if they like you, you will know. Stop showering these women with praise and trying to show out for them. Deal with the ones that want to deal with you and keep it pushing.

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