The Meek Mill Eulogy

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Good Afternoon, Congregation. God Is Good… All The Time… *Shuffles papers*

Rahmeek was a good kid. What the world want you to see is a kid who yelled for no reason. Their excuse for not listening was He was just a brother “who rapped loud”. The people who didn’t understand, the doubters, the playa haters, yall don’t hear me… The nut ass young bul’s of the world, will have you think Meek Mill rapped loud for no reason. I say, when you’re sent forth to do the work of the lord, you don’t speak softly, you yell it from the mountain tops, HA. Yall don’t hear me tho *wipes sweat from brow* Maybe I need to take this up an octave in thee Spirit of Meek. I SAID; WHEN YOU’RE DOING GOD’S WORK, YOU DON’T BLEND IN, YOU STAND OUT!

However, That’s not what Meek was doing, so what in the fuck was he doing? Meek Mill Moved down North Philly round about ’92, he was 5. I didn’t know the lil nigga but find out later, the homies did. Our paths never really crossed, but as me and my squad get older and become more vast, Meek was friends of friends. What also helped was The emergence of the young cats on the battle rap scene and Meek’s name re-emerged along with it. He went from the dirty lil nigga on the block to a young bul at Reed Dollaz neck.

Fast forward, Mid-2000’s The State Property wave had passed, Reed was locked into a fucked up deal with the Italians who had no clue about what the fuck to do in Music. Cyssero was over at Black WallStreet, Outside of the Roots and great talent who took roles as band members for people such as Lady Gaga, KanYe West and Jay Z, it was truly quiet for Philly musically. Then Mustafa my right hand man hits my line, saying “I’m about to get behind the young bul, Meek Mill. Let’s do this.” I’m in Miami at this point, feet up, retired from the Gangsta shit.. just partying with models and doing the nightlife thing. Mustafa then sends me the music to sell me on this shit. “Rose red and my diamonds blue, keep a dime bitch like 5 times 2.” Say what now? The more I listened, the more I didn’t understand the hype. Was Philly rallying behind him because he was the only movement moving, thanks to Charlie Mack? What was It? Maybe it’s me. You know, maybe it was. Maybe Miami had fucked with my ears. I’ll take the blame, because clearly as momentum picked up over time. T.I. came calling which led to Meek being signed to Grand Hustle and then when that fell through because T.I. couldn’t stay on the outside of the prison walls. Which led to Ross getting the deal done and a legend of sorts, was made.

See Meek Mill was something like the lil homie of a close homie which made him cool enough in my book. Mustafa vouch, you good. Went to jail, came home, got to work, never been called a rat. There were no signs of anything being wrong with this nigga before he signed to MMG… and then it all changed.

Just as he signed with MMG and had a solid single, he got into a war of words with Jahlil over tracks Jahlil produced. It got ugly on twitter and I chimed in as big homie does “Ay, you 2 niggas have each other phone # why Is this on Twitter?” Apparently they called each other and Jahlil tweeted me “Salute”. I didn’t know who to blame because I didn’t know intimate details of what went wrong. I still don’t know. My stance was more of a “2 dudes from the area are on the upswing and we didn’t need any petty fuck shit derailing it.” Over time there were rumors of 1-by-1, Meek falling out with homies he grew up with, then came the baby mom beef, The Conway beef, The Louie V beef, The Reed, Haddy, Cyssero & Cassidy beef, the Wale beef.. and it all happened on social media. The Louie V and Conway beefs annoyed me the most. The same Philly loyalty we are told to have for you, you didn’t have for others. The baby mom situation I can’t chime on that, a kid is involved. However, Conway was feeding you beats when you didn’t have the big names, Louie V was your artist, he wrote songs with and possibly for you. You outed them on the timeline, thoroughly embarrassed these dudes for bullshit. You spent more than $5k on Pills and Pussy, Conway couldn’t get that? Louie V was over a fuck ass chain he got robbed for but could’ve been given back because not only did my lil brothers know who did it, My homie and his people found out who did it, so it wasn’t this amazing feat that the bul from New York got it back, Yet, you shitted on Louie V, when he merely laughed at the Slowbucks dude. Do you show love to your “Day 1’s” depending on how useful they are to you in the moment? You fuck with more of your “Day 1000’s” than you do your true “Day 1’s”. I mean all of my Day 1’s that aren’t around me are dead or in Jail. No one I fucked with can say I left them in Philly, fucked up. Even if you had all rights to, you owe ppl, moreso yourself a level of “real nigga” where you don’t shame them in-front of outsiders. It’s crazy, the same way you lived on social media, is the same way you died…

I knew something was afoul when you sent subliminal shots and Dark Lo caught them. A. Meek sending subliminals, and B. To those niggas of all people?! As if they don’t “Wish a nigga would” most days. Part of the problem is, too many niggas around you, have you feeling invincible. You say and do wild shit. It’s funny, but the telling part was; you approached DRAKE, Aubrey Graham, the uncooked Tater Tot complected nigga from Toronto, the same way and in the same manner you would have approached Reed Dollaz, ON TWITTER! What the fuck were you thinking? I’m not sure if this was a murder or assisted suicide. There’s 3 niggas in rap who ARE the machine right now. Drake, Kendrick and J.Cole. You casually started a war with a nigga who created Marvin’s room. The Thumb with Eyebrow that make chicks faint, him. Funny thing is, the minute you did that. I had the Cheshire grin because I JUST KNEW you had a diss recorded and in the tuck. I JUST KNEW IT! BUT NOOOOOOO, No You didn’t. Now? Now you’re just laying in this casket, wit the motherfuckin lid closed. Matter fact, I need a few ushers to come open this casket so this dead body can feel the words of a real nigga, as his soul moves on to its final destination.

My nigga, you got out here with a half cocked attempt at one of the 3 untouchables, credibility? You, a battle tested vet, who wasn’t ready for war? Let’s say everything you said is true. I in fact for all intents and purposes believe you, however you came out the gate just spewing claims on the timeline without the clip loaded? You open hand smacked a nigga, thought he was sweet and now look at you. You didn’t perceivably lose because of your bars. You took the L because you lacked in preparation. You lost before you even got started, because you weren’t prepared. Ross was by your side when it first started, been quiet since. And poor Nicki… she has had to go city to city with a dead body in the trunk. Imagine the Post-Traumatic Stress she’ll be dealing with. You went from “That Nigga” from the city to everybody’s burden. We went from “Yall don’t know Meek, He gon get this nigga” to “God, it’s not over yet?!”

It has gotten so bad to women that aren’t too fond of Joe Budden and sided with you when he went on his podcast talking shit, changed course & personally apologized to him. They felt they wrongly attacked him, for his being right about you. Here’s the kicker though, You went at Cassidy and you went at Drake. Joe Budden’s relevance in music is in between those two, how come you completely disregarded his disrespect to your pen game? When you popped fly, he @’d you and said you weren’t good enough to trade bars. What did you do? Not even try. Yet you attacked Drake because you felt he’s not as good bar for bar in the battle realm, especially if he needs a ghostwriter. The signs were there, Budden challenged you, you ducked it and you went at the “soft” nigga. We should’ve know then! Our Bad nigga, for believing in YOU! LOOK AT YOU! You’re in this casket, before us. Maybe it was just your time? When God call’s you home, who are we to fight divinity?

Meek you were our champion. We rooted for you because you were rooted where we are from. We held you down like those nappy braids did. You left niggas waiting for a valiant effort, the same way so many lil ones whom sit by the window waiting for their dad to come back with the milk. You let the city down. I had to say it because no one else who provides commentary, has the heart to. You lived by the sword of public opinion and got stabbed with that same sword. The sad part of it all is the way you came in, is not how you went out. A hungry young bul, snappin, spazzing, yelling on niggas. YET, You died quiet. “Trigger Fingers turned into Twitter fingers” had you leave Twitter for Instagram. In the middle of a war?! You went to commercial break to sell teeth whitening shit, in the middle of a war?!? You cant even pause Call Of Duty in the middle of a war. Who the fuck do you think you are? Gunplay album out and you haven’t even really helped promote that. While death is painful for most and seemingly an end, it’s also a new beginning. What will that be for you? No one knows, but the Meek Mill we used to know, is gone….

I’ll now ask the congregation to bow their head in prayer: Oh heavenly father, we are here not to mourn a life, lord, but to rejoice in you bringing him home. It’s been a painful last few weeks and we’re just glad he doesn’t have to suffer anymore. We want to thank you lord for blessing us with the “Intro”. We now know you will NOT “Hold on wait a minute” and its only YOU who can make a nigga be finished, because Here he is. He NOR I could tell YOU to “Hold On Wait A Minute”.. no sir, no sir! Because YOU said, that it is YOUR WILL that shall be done! It is you God who give and it is you who take. We ask that you bless the soul of Meek. Sit him amongst your best angels, in the loud section because as you know that boy can’t be quiet to save his life, I mean.. this here is a prime example. His Dream Chasing days are over lord, His soul is now forever chasing the favor of Jesus. A-man, Amen. Thank you lord!


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