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Brooklyn-based Zack Seckler  traveled to Botswana and strapped into an ultra-light aircraft for His Botswana series presenting the country from between 50 and 500 feet, providing a unique and captivating view of the savannah.

Botswana, in southern Africa, hosts large concentrations of animals ranging from wildebeest to zebras to flamingos. Most of it is covered by the Kalahari, a vast stretch of forbidding sandy savannah. It’s also the site of the Makgadikgadi Pans, one of the world’s largest salt flats and a surreal landscape coated in turquoise algae. The pans and its surrounding marshes and wetlands (known for their baobab trees), as well as the Okavango Delta, became Seckler’s visual sandbox as he soared between photo opportunities.

“Within the first few minutes of being up there, I was just completely blown away,” he says. “Being in that airspace, you’re really seeing the world from a perspective that only birds see. Obviously no human on the ground can see that, and the big jumbo jets up above don’t fly that low. So it’s kind of this hidden airspace to the human eye, and it just immediately struck me as a really powerful visual.”




Tracks and Water


Reflections on Delta


Okavango Swirl


Okavango River

Photo by Zack Seckler. Contact:Tel: 347-628-1575Email: Web:


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